Deep Fried Macarons

Deep fried Oreos move over.  If you can get to a local Trader Joe’s an locate Macarons in the freezer section, this is an easy recipe for Deep Fried Macarons.  It’s also more affordable as you can pick up a dozen macarons at Trader Joes for about $5. Some places charge something close to that for one macaron.  The principles apply here as in deep fried oreos.  Yes, I know I posted a macaron recipe on this site already.  If you don’t have hours worth of time or don’t want to deep fry your hard work it is totally a Bettyfied way of going about things.  Judgement free zone here, short cuts are absolutely acceptable.  Trader Joe’s has a variety of flavors ready to go: Vanilla and Chocolate, Mango, the six variety pack, or molten chocolate.  For this experiment I used the Vanilla and Chocolate variety.

Trader Joe's MacaronsIn theory, you can and you should experiment with frying cookies, as long as they are not very soft.  I can’t imagine the soft variety holding their shape after being dipped in batter. I pulled them right out of the freezer, dipped them in batter, and fried them, once they cooled down they were fully thawed.

If you don’t have a pancake recipe ready to go, then here is a suggestion:

Pancake mix recipe:

1 cup all purpose flour

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 egg beaten

1 cup buttermilk.

2 tbsp canola or vegetable oil

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly and then add last 3 ingredients.  Do not overmix.

OR follow the back of a can that looks like this:

Fried Macarons Recipe:

At least 1 box of Trader Joe’s Macarons (in the freezer until you are ready to dip and fry)

1 batch of pancake mix (or mix prepared as you would if you were making pancakes).  You’ll have leftovers. Pancakes tomorrow morning perhaps?

Enough oil to fry- 2-3″ inches in a cast iron dutch oven.   When done, oil can be strained and reused.


  1. Heat oil to 375 degrees F.
  2. While oil is heating, make pancake mix as directed, do not over mix.  Let it rest.
  3. Fry on each side until golden brown about 1 minute per side.  Golden brown is your cue they are done.
  4. Allow to cool down and drain on paper towel.Deep Fried MacaronsDeep Fried Macarons
  5. Optional:  when cool to touch, dust with powdered sugarDeep Fried Macarons
  6. Enjoy!  Like this recipe?  See others here: Food




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  1. Wow! Those look really good!

  2. Very very interesting one – Do you have a follow button, not email version? Please let me know.. Would like to follow without the email option.

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  3. elladior says:

    Somewhere out there, a macaron snob just choked on a macaron. LOL. I’m going to try this one time. But maybe not with my own hard work. 🙂

    1. elladior says:

      PS, I am sharing this on Facebook because the world needs to know.

      1. becomebetty says:

        No worries. Much appreciated. Let me know what you think.

  4. israelisalad says:

    I’m not ready to bake my own macarons, and there is no Trader Joe’s in Israel, but this recipe reminds me of the fries at my favorite falafel store, which are actually battered and deep-friend potato slices. Have you tried that?

    1. becomebetty says:

      Nope but it sounds like something I need to try!

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