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Below is sectional list and an alphabetical list of all the Trader Joe’s Reviews on this site so far.  It should be in order based on the name that appears on the packaging.  If you don’t see it, use the search feature. Feel free to comment on product you’d like to see me do a review on and I’ll add it to my list of items to try! I’m not affiliated with Trader Joe’s.  Some ladies are excited to bring home a brown bag from Bloomingdale’s.  This Betty gets excited when the brown bag is from Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s Reviews By Section:

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Alphabetical List of Trader Joe’s Reviews:

Dear Trader Joes,

Thank you for not being Whole Foods.  It is an unpretentious store.  It is not overwhelming with the amount of a choices which allows for a concise trip.  Organic food that is accessible to the common individual.  Like some other niche supermarket, your brand is pretty much the only one that dominates.  With good reason.

Good stores and brand deserve reviews and recognition.  These are my own thoughts on some fun items I’ve made from Trader Joes.   I am in no way affiliated with, work for, or compensated by Trader Joes.  I just like good food.  Yes, I like to eat.

It’s raises the level of food (especially the frozen section) from tasteless to something you could Mrs. Doubtfire into a legit meal.  A total Betty way of doing things.

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  1. Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    Hello there – I have just come home from Trader Joe’s, where I went after 2 other grocery stores in search of miso. I needed it for a new recipe that I am making tomorrow night. A female store clerk pointed out their miso powder, then told me that a tube of “umami” might be a more suitable replacement for the miso. As soon as I put the groceries away, I opened the tube to taste it. I smeared a blob on a cracker and ate it. It is a great flavor! I then started smearing cream cheese and a large blob of this umami and ate half a sleeve of crackers this way!
    When I looked up “how to use Trader Joe’s umami” on my i-pad, your site was the first one that appeared. I just felt like contacting you, to let you know that I am delighted that the woman at TJ’s introduced me to such a taste sensation. I know I won’t have any problem polishing off this tube in 28 days. LOL ! Thank you.

    1. becomebetty says:

      Great to know. I made a bread dipping sauce with olive oil and with a little extra parmesan cheese it was great. Can’t wait to hear how else you use it. Glad to hear it was able to help!

  2. RossC says:

    Just a quick note to express how much I am enjoying going through your reviews.. I’ve already made note of products I have passed by or just plain haven’t discovered yet.. Thank you… :o)

    1. becomebetty says:

      You are very welcome. Glad you are finding the site useful 🙂

  3. AskDaralynn says:

    What a nice humorous about the author page.

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