Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar Review

In the checkout line they place items to tempt the senses.  Today was no different.  I love chocolate.  I like spicy.  And it sounds like there could be a pop rocks type of experience here.  So here is the bar we are reviewing today all 2.8 ounces of it.

Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Here is the nutritional information if you actually eat chocolate and care about those things:

Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar

On the other side of the flap (game on):Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Unwrapped the bar looked like this (sorry, mine was placed at the bottom of my bag and it didn’t make it home in one piece but you’ll get the idea):

Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar

My thoughts are this is the strangest chocolate bar I’ve ever tried.  I want you to imagine dark chocolate (and a good quality dark chocolate) with a bit of heat.  Now take that and give it the familiar crunch of a Nestle Crunch bar, but the crunch isn’t from rice cereal, it’s like pop rocks.  Where was this bar when I was growing up?  It would have been the hottest thing to trade at the lunch table.   So would a kid like it?  As long as they like a bit of heat this will surely be their favorite.  As an adult, this bar takes me back to my child seeing who could eat the most pop rocks.  I was also a huge fan of the dark chocolate candies in the Hershey’s variety packs.  The heat was a twist.  I would have enjoyed this more if it didn’t have it.  Or the heat and not the popping candy.  For me it was sensory overload.  For $1.99 it wasn’t a bad value.   It was clearly high quality chocolate with too much going on in it. Would I feed this to an unsuspecting kids cousin to get a reaction?  Hell yeah.

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