Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta and Prosciutto Review

Sometimes I actually buy items from Trader Joes that aren’t in the freezer section.  Fresh pasta is absolutely awesome, but is messy and sometimes can be time consuming at home if it is stuffed with anything (think ravioli).  Well,Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta and Prosciutto has had some staying power and food good reason, for $2.99 it is much cheaper than what you will find in the same section of a mass market grocery store.

Here is the package in the refrigerated aisle:Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

Here is the nutritional information:Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

On the inside of the package these little bits of heaven look like this:Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

Once in a while you’ll get a misshapen pasta.  If you are wondering, the brown ball is the meaty delicious filling.  Throw it in, it still tastes the same.

Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

No microwave allowed on this one.  You will need to boil a pot of water.wp-1474503367078.jpg

Enter pasta:

Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

The pasta will begin to float after about 2 minutes.  After allowing it to cook for 2-3 minutes, it is then drained and yes, top it with your favorite sauce.  Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto

Alfredo or a butter sauce is a nice compliment to this dish.  When you bite into it it’s both cheesy and meaty.  The flavor of prosciutto is not overwhelming as it’s clearly been mixed in with other meats and cheeses.  The texture of the pasta is nice as is having a break from just a plain cheese filling.  There is something special about this purse shaped pasta.  It’s definitely worth a second look in the refrigerated section at Trade Joe’s.

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  1. Sammie says:

    My favorite Trader Joe’s anything is the cookie butter/cookie butter with coco!!

  2. Sammie says:

    And the mini chocolate chip cookies!!!

  3. Evelyn B says:

    Sigh, it’s been discontinued. 🙁 But I was able to use your blog to give them the exact name and UPC code so the Trader Joe’s employee could look it up in their computer to *determine* that it’s discontinued. I think that just leaves one refrigerated pasta with meat filling there.

    1. becomebetty says:

      Thanks for the info. That’s really helpful to know. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen it in a while 🙁

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