Trader Joe’s Mango Macarons

Summer doesn’t last forever.  But the flavors of summer should.  Fresh fruit is one of those classic summer flavors.  The mango flavor in Trader Joe’s Mango Macarons were bright and refreshing.  This flavor has been in Trader Joe’s for a while, so hopefully it will stick around.  Here is what you get for $4.99 per box.

In the freezer section, by the desserts:Trader Joe's Mango Macarons

The nutritional information:

Trader Joe's Mango Macarons

The ingredients:

Trader Joe's Mango Macarons

Out of the box:Trader Joe's Mango Macarons

Allow to thaw for 30 minutes or so.  I’ve left them in a plastic container overnight.

How do they taste?  Like summer in a cookie.  They are the best 100 calories you can have.  If you enjoy the flavor of mango, then this one is for you as it’s an entire package of one flavor as opposed to the variety pack where there are hits and misses depending on the flavor you like most.  Definitely a go to dessert in the freezer section.

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