Trader Joe’s Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese Review

Some combinations Trader Joe’s come up with are magical.  Some are a disaster that leave you in awe that some corporation let it go to market.  This is one of those disasters.   The concept was good.  Cheddar and apples go well.  Cinnamon and apples go.  Add texture to cheese with a pumpkin pie spice, it just didn’t work in Trader Joe’s Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese.  For $10 per pound, it worked even less.  I’m willing to pay for good cheese, but this isn’t it.  I really wanted to like it.

The pros:  Not that I could think of.

The cons:  Strange and bizarre taste.  Cheddar taste, odd consistency, almost an pumpkin pie taste to it.  It was a nice concept, but totally gross.

The verdict:  No thanks on this one. The garbage can was forced to eat this one.

Here’s what you get:

If you see it, please walk past it.  Hopefully this will go away really soon.   Want to see more Trader Joe’s reviews, click on Thoughts & Reviews of Trader Joe’s for an alphabetized list of item’s I’ve tried and reviewed.

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  1. I didn’t realize that was even a thing!!! I love apples and cheese….you would think it would be good!!

    1. bsickles says:

      I thought so too. It was so weird and I knew I didn’t want a second bite.

  2. calahan says:

    Some good ideas can go wrong. I would have expected this to be awesome. Did you know that you can return food to TJ’s simply because it doesn’t taste good? It’s totally a thing!

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