Trader Joe’s Tri-Tip Roast Review

The pros:  Super beefy tasting cut of beef.  Tender out of the oven.  It’s got all the culinary buzzwords going:  no antibiotics, no added hormones, free range, vegetarian fed.

The cons:  Over $20 for a roast that was just over 2 lbs.  Not cheap, but it is quality.

The Verdict:  Yes, I’d buy this again.  If you like a good cut of beef, this is worth looking at.  You just may have to look around the refrigerated case at Trade Joe’s to find it.

The package in the refrigerated section:Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

The cost:Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

I cooked this in the oven until it reached 140F.  Before putting it in I put a spice rub on it.  I mixed equal parts of both.  You can use whatever spice blend you like:Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

From there I rubbed it on using a bit of olive oil first:

Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

Getting it ready for the oven:

Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

You are better off going by a thermometer rather than a timer.  I have the iDevices thermometer.  It connects to my phone and sets and alarm when its 10 degrees from perfection and rings again when it hits the temperature.

Into the oven at 425F and out when the roast hits 140F for a medium doneness.  Trader Joe's Tri Tip Roast

This was a nice cut of meat.  Super beefy.  Took well to being put in the oven.  Other than the sticker shock of $20+ for one item, it’s worth a look if you are cooking for more than one person.  Cut across the grain for the most tender pieces.

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