Trader Joe’s Cranberry Sauce Review

The pros:  It’s halfway between being the jelly that comes from a can with some textural aspects of a cranberry relish.  This was a good compromise between the two worlds.

The cons:  It’s probably seasonal so if you like this, you might want to stock up until next year.

The verdict:  For $1.99 it doesn’t make sense to even attempt to make cranberry sauce on your own.  This was a nice balance between tart and sweet.  It was a nice balance on the textural aspect as well.  Would be great served alone, on a sandwich or in a salad.

The jar:Trader Joe's Cranberry Sauce

The nutritional information and ingredient list:Trader Joe's Cranberry Sauce

Dished up:Trader Joe's Cranberry Sauce

If cranberry sauce is a source of controversy in your household this might be a nice compromise for some guests.   Some guests clearly prefer the jelly log that looks like the can it came out of.  Other guests only the finely chopped relish will do. This might appease both sides with a good balance of tart and sweet.  This also appears to be seasonal, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Worth stocking up if your family enjoys a good turkey dinner every now and again.

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