Trader Joe’s Portobello Fries Review

The pros:  Trader Joe’s Portobello Fries are a phenomenal alternative to potato fries.  Imagine tempura fried steak.  Instead of steak put in the meatiness of portobello mushrooms with the right balance of subtle seasoning.

The cons: Some of the largest pieces were not as crispy as I would have liked.  No microwaving allowed on this one.  Because the mushrooms were all different sizes cooking times will vary.  Some will be ready before others.

The verdict:  For $2.99 these are an awesome value and was a hit in my household.  I will be buying this again.  This breaks up the usual routine of veggies in my household.

The bag in the freezer aisle:Trader Joe's Portobello Fries

The nutritional information:Trader Joe's Portobello Fries

How Trader Joe’s describes the product:Trader Joe's Portobello Fries

What came out of the freezer bag:Trader Joe's Portobello Fries

What came out of the oven:Trader Joe's Portobello Fries

This has to be one of the most un-photogenic items I’ve ever made.  But it was so awesome. They look a lot like the picture on the bag, but the taste is similar to it being tempura fried, with a steak like taste and a good balance of seasoning.  The entire bag was polished off in one sitting.  My husband who doesn’t like veggies immediately looked at me and said “Oh yea.”  In other words, that is a yes, go out and buy these again.

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