Trader Joe’s Corn Pudding Review

The pros:  Trader Joe’s Corn Pudding is a tasty custardy corn dish loaded with cheese.  I’m not sure why 1 cup was the serving size which will fill you up.

The cons:  A whopping 60% of your saturated fat is coming in one serving.

The verdict:  For $4.49 this is a tasty, albeit an unhealthy alternative to plain corn.  Be warned though, if you don’t care for the consistency of custard you’re probably not going to enjoy this.  If you look at eggs with the same disdain as say Guy Fieiri, then you will hate this.  If you enjoy some eggy taste, then you might be ok with this.  This was almost like frittata, but with lots of cheese and corn.  While the package says there are 2 servings here, I’d say there were more since corn and eggs were super filling.  If you had to choose from their refrigerated sides I’d still recommend Trader Joe’s Scalloped Potatoes with Quattro FormaggioTrader Joe’s Cauliflower Gratin, or the Trader Joe’s Carrot Souffle over this.  Not that this was bad, but I felt the other items were more flavorful.

The package in the refrigerated case:Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

The nutritional information:

Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

The ingredients and how to prepare:Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

Trader Joe’s description:Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

What you get out of the package:Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

When baked it looked like:Trader Joe's Corn Pudding

This was a good dish.  While the directions say let is sit for a minute before serving, I thought it was best just slightly warmer than room temperature.  Because this was a pudding the more it started to solidify the more enjoyable it was.  I was underwhelmed when it was hot, but closer to room temperature I kept going back for more.  I think this is a good choice, but there are a lot of strong contenders in the refrigerated aisle.   Try them all out.  I personally think this is good but there are other ones that I would reach for first.

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  1. Rhonda Williamson says:

    I grew up on “baked corn” at holiday meals. TJ’s version is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted.
    I eat healthy most of the year, so spluring on Thanksgiving and Christmas is not a big deal.
    I would but this off season if it was offered. I’ve found a similar recipe and will try it with fat free half and half.

    1. becomebetty says:

      I noticed that my Trader Joe’s still had some Corn pudding still on the shelves. Might be worth checking out 🙂

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