Trader Joe’s Pear Persimmon Tarte Review

The pros:  Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte is a tasty tart with a nice filling that contain almond paste, pear and persimmon. The crust will remind you a bit more of a cookie than a tart.

The cons:  You’ll need a 60 minute head start on this on to defrost, so not the best choice for company who comes over unannounced.  Don’t expect to serve this to more than 4 people, it’s on the small side.  Should probably be called a galette and not a tart.  This should come in a larger size.

The verdict:  For $3.99, this is a great item as long as you don’t attempt to serve it to more than a couple people.  Although it takes about an hour to thaw out, the end result is a a pastry that is the best of the world of pie, fruit filling and cookie.

The box:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

The nutritional information and the ingredients:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

How to prepare:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

How Trader Joe’s describes the product:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

Out of the package you get:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

Unwrapped to begin the hour long defrost process:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

After being cooked you get:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

And taking a slice for myself:Trader Joes Pear Persimmon Tarte

Would I buy this again? For me this is a yes.  It was fresh, tasty and the presentation of this tart is beautiful.  Most of the work is done for you.  It’s best served slightly warm. This would also benefit from a scoop of vanilla ice cream but it can stand alone.  The tart crust is more like a cookie and the filling will remind you of the consistency of an apple pie.  There is also a small layer of frangipane which add a nice layer of flavor.  Cinnamon is the spice you’ll taste the most. Very tasty, affordable, and best of all you won’t have to do all the work that is involved in making something like this.

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