Trader Joe’s Green Tea Infused Mints Review

The pros:  If you want a more muted mint taste, you might enjoy Trader Joe’s Green Tea Infused Mints.  If you like the taste of matcha without it being overpowering you might enjoy these.  Uses more natural colors.

The cons: The matcha flavor isn’t for everyone.

The verdict:  For $1.99 you get a tin that has over 50 little mints in the shape of tea leaves.  If you want a strong and powerful mint that remind you of chewing on hard toothpaste you should grab Trader Joe’s Organic Pastilles Peppermint in the checkout aisle instead.  What you are getting here is a much more mellow tasting mint that isn’t as astringent.  The green tea or matcha is the make or break flavor.  You’ll love it or you won’t know what to make of it.  Most important the flavor of the matcha is present but not overwhelming.  I didn’t adore the combination but some people out there will appreciate this.

The box by the checkout aisle:Trader Joe's Green Tea Infused Mints

The nutritional information and the ingredients:Trader Joe's Green Tea Infused Mints

Out of the package you get:Trader Joe's Green Tea Infused Mints

Would I buy this again?  I think it’s worth trying once, but I’ll pass on buying this again.   If I need a breath mint I’d reach for something else.  I like peppermint a lot, but I didn’t love it paired with the green tea.  I didn’t hate it either, but I’m not likely to buy these again.

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Did you try it?  Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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