Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp

The pros:  Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp crisps up in the oven in about 10 minutes.  Flavorful sauce, of which I didn’t need all of it.

The cons:  I wished there was more shrimp. High in fat.  Could have been more walnuts in the bag

The verdict:  For $6.99 this is a tasty treat in the freezer aisle mixed in with the seafood selections.  I chose to prepare this in the oven as I wasn’t crazy about refrying a fried food.  This has quite a few calories to it so a serving size can easily get away from you.  It was ready in about 10 minutes and wasn’t greasy at all coming from the oven.  The sauce was warm but not overheated after a minute in the microwave at 50% power.   There was a lot of sauce included.  The sauce is very sweet on its own but balances out the salty fried shrimp.  The honey, cream and condensed milk are the primary flavors.  Pineapple rounds out the sauce for an additional bit of sweetness and a touch of acidity.  The sauce aside from sweetness is also very rich tasting which is why I did not use all of it.  I only ended up using about half of the sauce.  I did serve mine with rice.  The sauce from the shrimp also added a nice flavor to the rice as well.  The walnuts were sweet, but I wouldn’t consider them candied.  They reminded me of being very lightly sugared, similar to that of a honey roasted peanut.  They could have been just a touch more generous with the walnuts.  I think a tablespoon more of them would have added some nice crunch to this dish.  If you’ve ever had a honey walnut shrimp in a restaurant, this is as close as you are going to get from a freezer bag.  If your palate prefers sweet dishes, this may be up your alley.  Yes, I’d repurchase this item.

The bag in the freezer aisle:Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

The nutritional information:

Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

The ingredients:

Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

How to prepare:Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

Out of the package you get:

Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp
Spread out on a cookie sheet.

After being cooked you get:Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

Mixed with the walnuts, sauce and put on rice:Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Shrimp

Would I buy this again?  Yes.  It’s not going to be an every week event (just look at the calorie count), but as a nice treat that you can get 2 meals out of, it was well worth the $6.99.

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  1. RossC says:

    Tried the Honey Walnut Shrimp today..
    After reading reviews, I heated only half the sauce and added walnuts from my pantry..
    Bottom line is that my wife really liked it and that works for me.. We will keep a package in the freezer, along with lots of other TJ’s offerings for days in which I just don’t want to go the “from scratch” route.. We are an older couple and it seems that quick, simple and good cuts down on my kitchen time and my wife’s cleanup time… :o)

    1. becomebetty says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know what you thought. I had the same issue with there being so much sauce. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. dbkerr says:

    I love Trader Joe’s myself. I’m rarely disappointed although the last time I went my veggies were on their way out when I opened them. Thank you for reading my blog. I really hope you check it out again.

  3. Nicole says:

    I just had that same dish last night and felt that it could have been better, it was a tad disappointing. Personally I think $6.99 is a little over priced for what you get, I’ve been to Chinese restaurants that give double the amount than the bag gave for just $2 more.
    Brilliant idea to put it in rice. I agree there needs to be more walnuts. What was also lacking was a good crispy crunch from the shrimp, I wish I sampled one of the shrimps before placing them in the sauce. Do you think we could send a word out to Trader Joe’s to improve it?
    Thanks for your review. Beautiful blog.

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