Trader Joe’s Frozen Swordfish Review

The pros:  Convenience, vacuum sealed pouch, good directions, after being prepared the fish was tasty.

The cons:  This review is going to be dependent on your ability as well.  This a product that is going to depend on your cooking ability as well as the product is uncooked.  Some might avoid Swordfish as to the possible mercury content.  This product is from Singapore.

The verdict:  For $6.97 or $8.99 per pound, this is a fair price for Swordfish.  In the pound were two pieces.   Trader Joe’s was kind enough to include extensive directions depending on how you want to prepare this product.   I took a cast iron pan and grilled it on high.  I salt and peppered it.  At the end I followed Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Butter recipe.  What came out of the pan were fresh tasting pieces of swordfish.  They were very dense, this is more like a steak.  It wasn’t dry or fishy.  If you like light and flakey fish, this might not be the right fish for you.  The quality of the product is going to come down to your skills as a cook on this one.  This is not prepared.  Only suggestions are made. When thawed and cooked, it was ready in under 15 minutes.   I’d buy this again.

The vacuum sealed package in the freezer aisle:20170213_165014.jpg

The nutritional information:20170213_180207.jpg

How to prepare:20170213_180106.jpg

Some added suggestions from Trader Joe’s:20170213_180014.jpg

After being cooked you get:20170213_172039.jpg

Would I buy this again?  Yes.  It’s already vacuum sealed ensuring freshness.  It came out well defrosted in the refrigerator from the night before and grilled in a cast iron skillet.

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  1. Mario says:

    That is a great price per pound for swordfish! I love all kinds of seafood and will give this a try based on your favorable write up!

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