Stew Leonard’s Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes Review

I remember the first time I brought these home.  I remember the kind words of my father: Chocolate covered diet food, seriously?  I implored him to try one.  I implored my mom to try one.  After scoffing at the offer, I quickly found my container to have been consumed by someone other than myself.  If you’ve stuck your nose up at rice cakes before, you’ll stop doing it.  What are rice cakes missing?  Obviously, it must be good chocolate.

The pros:  Great tasting and do come in a variety of flavors that are not always available.  I’ve seen white chocolate, dark chocolate, the black and whites pictured below, drizzled, coconut topped, M&M topped, Peanut butter candy topped, and seasonally you’ll see white chocolate and peppermint.  Chocolate used tastes of good quality.

The cons:  You mind find yourself being judged for consuming chocolate covered rice cakes.  Depending on the topping and how much chocolate is used will dictate how large of a container you get for the price.  I think these used to have the calorie count on them.

The verdict:  For $5.99 this will hit your sweet tooth without hitting it to hard.  The rice cake keeps the calorie count (when they used to have the calorie count on these) in check as compared to a candy bar.  If you like a Kit Kat bar there are the closest analogy I can make.  Obviously there isn’t layers of wafer here, but you get a nice crispiness from the rice cake and get to enjoy the high quality chocolate (or topping).  Even if you aren’t a white chocolate fan, this can convert people who don’t always care for it or people who have deemed it too sweet.  The toppings are a very personal choice.  Some family members love them with the mini M&M like candy being the favorite, but I have some family members who love more of a peanut buttery candy on this.  If I go to Stew Leonard’s, this is something that almost always ends up in my shopping cart.

The box:Stew Leonard's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

The ingredients and allergy information:Stew Leonard's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Out of the package you get:Stew Leonard's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

You can look for certain seasonal varieties.   The peppermint bark is always my favorite:Stew Leonard's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

And yes because most of this is still rice cake, it’s a snack you can enjoy responsibly:Stew Leonard's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Would I buy this again?  I’ve repurchased this many times and will likely continue to do so in the future.  I’ve brought these to people who live no where near Stew Leonard’s and found that I am stuck picking up several packages of these each time.

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Did you try it?  Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. I remember a time when rice cakes were the diet King. Don’t remember if I ate any or judged them by the fact that they were low calories. Everything tastes better with chocolate. If I see these in my Aldi’s I will try them – though, not the white chocolate.

    1. becomebetty says:

      You can always melt chocolate and add it to any brand of rice cakes. Just a suggestion 🙂

      1. Challenge accepted, assuming I remember for the next shopping trip.

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