Trader Joe’s Cheese Enchiladas Rojo Review

The pros:  Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo are pretty close to what you might expect in a Mexican Restaurant, if not possibly better.

The cons:  While the directions don’t mention it, my enchiladas stuck to the bottom of the pan that I used (and no, the pan they come in can’t go in the oven).  Some cooking spray or parchment could have dealt with that issue.  Calorie count is higher than expected and it’s easy for one person to sit and eat all of these in one sitting.

The verdict:  For $6.49 you get 4 enchiladas in the refrigerated section.  These are not the frozen variety which I thought were underwhelming.  This on the other hand were fresh, full of cheese and the Rojo sauce might make you want to lick your plate.  It’s a well balanced sauce made up of tomatoes and spices.  There is also the nice flavor of poblano peppers as well.  They do sell a chicken enchilada with a verde sauce at the same price in the same refrigerated case, but that will be a separate review (and yes those are really good too).  These cannot be cooked in the pan they come in if you are planning on making these in the oven.  Mine did stick slightly because they are not drenched in sauce, so plan accordingly and use some cooking spray or parchment to make sure that doesn’t happen to you too.  Mine were ready in under the recommended 20 minutes.  What came out were as close as you’ll get to going to a Mexican Restaurant.  The tortillas were crisp in some parts and in others were a nice compliment to the smooth cheese.  Within the cheese filling there are black beans, onions, peppers and yes ooey gooey cheese.  I tried to stop at having two and failed.  I saved one for my husband. His reaction: can you get more of these before they run out?    If I can find these, they will become a regular part of my weekly shopping list.  So good and for a fraction of the price of going out.

The box in the refrigerated aisle:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

The nutritional information:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

The ingredients:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

How to prepare:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

Out of the package you get and I chose to prepare these in the toaster oven.  I can’t say how they would be in the microwave but they were oh so good in the oven:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

After being cooked you get:Trader Joes Cheese Enchiladas Rojo

Would I buy this again?  Yes, yes and yes.  How good was this?  I’d choose this over paying for a restaurant.  It’s cheaper than ordering out.  It also tastes phenomenal like someone’s Abuela made it for you.

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Did you try it?  Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. RossC says:

    Thank you for this review… I’ve looked at these and hesitated and then passed them by.. We will certainly pick them up now..

  2. Julie says:

    I’ve never even seen these before. Will have to pick up a package this weekend.

    1. becomebetty says:

      I just noticed them this week when I stopped into my local Trader Joe’s.

  3. RossC says:

    Picked these up a few days after my original comment.. Popped them into the freezer… Thawed them today… Mixed up a quick sauce as there just didn’t look like enough when placed in the pan..Heated some no-bean chili and chopped a simple salad and we were good to go..
    For us, these are really good.. We don’t eat a lot anymore so, this package will make 2 meals.. Lotta bang for the buck… Will be a regular for us…

    1. becomebetty says:

      It’s now a regular in my household too. Thanks for letting me know they freeze well. That’s really good information to know!

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