Trader Joe’s Sparkling French Berry Lemonade Review

The pros:  Trader Joe’s Sparkling French Berry Lemonade really tastes less like lemonade and more like Strawberry soda.

The cons:  Nutritionally it’s sugar water and 2% juice not lemonade.

The verdict:  For $2.99 this is closer in taste to a soda drink than actual lemonade. Don’t get me wrong.  It’s tasty and bubbly.  But the labeling will let you know this is just a carbonated soda drink with minimal fruit juice.  Nutritional woes aside, if you are looking for a tasty beverage, this is a solid choice.  Lemon is in the background and flavors like strawberry are far more prominent.  If you enjoy a soda every now and again, this is something good to reach for.  Would this make a good drink mixer?  Absolutely!

The bottle:Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

The nutritional information:Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

The ingredients:Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

Out of the package you get:Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

Would I buy this again?  Yes.  Complete waste of calories but I enjoyed it as a treat and a soda.

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  1. I will definitely grab a bottle & try it, Thank you for enlightening me.

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