Trader Joe’s Corned Beef Review

If you’ve come to Trader Joe’s for your Corned Beef, you are in luck for St. Patrick’s Day.  Even if you don’t celebrate that holiday, this corned beef is something worth celebrating.  Best of all there are two varieties: uncooked and precooked.  This review focuses just on the corned beef you’ll be cooking for yourself.  If you find that you are enjoying it, be prepared for this to disappear over the rainbow when corned beef season ends.

The pros:  A very tasty already seasoned corned beef that just requires hours of boiling.

The cons:  None come to mine other than this might be seasonal and my seasoning really stuck to my corned beef.  Next time, I would rise the meat in the pot of water before putting it on the stove as a lot of the spices really stuck to the meat.

The verdict:  For $18.15 for this slab of Trader Joe’s Corned Beef or $5.99 per pound this was tender, well seasoned, and tasty.   Trader Joe’s also sells a fully cooked variety of this product for $9.99 per pound.  For almost double the price, I personally think you too are capable of boiling water and saving half the cost here.  I haven’t tried the fully cooked one yet, so I can’t tell you how it tastes. This uncooked variety requires time and minimal cooking skills.  I would recommend that when you first dump the contents of the bag into water (obviously from the cold tap water) to get more of the seasoning off of the beef.  The excess can stay in the pot, you just don’t want all those spices stuck to your finished product.  Those were not tasty bites.  I think at least half of the spices stuck to my beef and weren’t tasty by the mouthful.  Scraping them off after the fact gave me the tasty meat I desired.  In past years, other grocery stores were selling corned beef without any seasoning at all.  This was all in one.  This was one of the better corned beefs I’ve had in a very long time.  There was a good amount of salt and spice which worked its way through the entire product.  All that is required on your part is literally dumping contents of the bag in water and bringing it up to a boil and then simmering this for hours. After 3.5 hours of simmering, mine was as tender as if it had come out of the slow cooker.The meat had some nice layers of fat to it.  In the refrigerator the leftovers when cooled showed nice marbling. It was tasty both hot and cold and in a hash.  I’ve repurchased this as I know some things are only around for so long.  I didn’t ask if this was seasonal, but it only recently appeared on the shelves.  If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or not, this is a tasty dinner (lunch or breakfast for that matter) that is super easy to prepare.   As easy as bringing a pot of water to a boil and letting it simmer.  I bought a second bag the other night.  I recommend this.

The bag in the meat aisle of Trader Joe’s:20170304_190752.jpg

The nutritional information:20170304_193940.jpg

The ingredients:20170304_194015.jpg

How to prepare:20170304_193917.jpg

After being cooked you get (I didn’t take any pictures when I dumped this into the pot.  It reminded me of Stephen King novel):

Trader Joes Corned Beef
You might want to rub some of this off before cooking of scrape it after its cooked.  That’s a lot of seasoning.

In corned beef hash.  For the record, while this is not pretty, it is far nicer looking that the corned beef hash that comes from a can:Trader Joes Corned Beef Hash

Would I buy this again?  Yes. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any other time you feel like corned beef.  I just hope this isn’t a seasonal item (but it likely is).  One of the better pre-seasoned corned beefs I’ve had in a while.

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Did you try it?  Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. calahan says:

    What is your recipe for the hash? Are those hashed browns I see? Looks good. 🙂

    1. becomebetty says:

      1 bag of Trader Joe’s shredded potato, 2 tbsp bacon fat, 5 slices of corned beef in a cast iron skillet. Cook until brown and crispy. My husband loves the stuff in a can that looks like Pet food. He likes this much better 🙂

      1. calahan says:

        Thanks! Glad to hear you weaned your husband off dog food. Persistence pays off. 😉

      2. becomebetty says:

        He think chef boyardee is fine dining. It’s a start.

      3. calahan says:

        The Boyardee crime family is notorious and are vindictive towards critics. Be careful. I’ve already said too much.

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