Become Betty pays tribute the all the American “Betty”s  that have helped to shape our world and the basis for this blog.

To Betty Crocker: On cooking, you know how to make it easy.  So many of us have your cookbooks that are well worn and treasured.  You’ve even mastered the prepacked stuff to save us all time.  For your contribution food, both packaged, found in a book, and original will be featured here.  For the recipes that works and taste pretty good, these authors are Bettys as well.

To Betty White:  Thank you for being a friend.  And a fabulous comedian.  This blog will do it’s best to make sure humor has its place.

To Ugly Betty:  We all make mistakes.  We are imperfect.  We are well-meaning but far from perfect.  The goofs will be posted to remind everyone at home, even bloggers and pintrest loving folks screw up or just plain fail at what they try to accomplish sometimes.

To Betty Ford:  First lady, but hey, everyone needs a drink.  If you need multiple drinks to get through the day.  It’s time for an intervention.  Otherwise, enjoy this “adult only” section of the blog.  Yes, I’ll put some non alcoholic beverages in there.  Someone has to drive (and function).

To SoberDude on UrbanDictionary.com:  Thank you for giving me the best definition of a Betty as “The term Betty refers to a hot chick. One that is attractive, stylish and self confident.”  It adds much to the purpose, meaning, and character of this site.  Thanks SoberDude.

About the author:

BecomeBetty.com is written by a woman not named Betty, but Brenda.  A full time history teacher for more than a decade with a passion for cooking, economics, and educating the consumer on what they are really getting for their money.  This blog started as another cooking blog but evolved to fill a gap in information about various product in the market place.  I hope you’ll join me with a drink in your hand and humor in your heart as I cook and review anything that makes life a lot easier.  It’s all about cooking like Betty Crocker, drinking like Betty Ford, telling jokes like Betty White and blogging about it.