Ugly Bettys

Consider this the fail side of the page.  So many food bloggers seem so perfect.  I mess up.  Frequently.  I take pictures of those to prove there is no professional photographer, food stylist or any of that.  It’s real.  My mistakes are legit.  Some of them hurt.  Enjoy the fails!   Keep scrolling.  This is my page for my outtakes.  They get progressively worse as you scroll down.

On taking bad blog photos-I’ve been blogging for over a year, just not on this site. However, since you are reading an “Ugly Betty” article, I figured I’d share some of the pictures that didn’t make the cut or were left out of articles.  Note to self: Take picture, look at picture, then decide if another picture is warranted rather than just move on to the next step.

A packet of sauce that I was clearly in a rush to get the picture done.  Warp Speed Ahead!
Some pictures there is nothing you can do to make this look sexy.  Believe me it didn’t taste sexy either.  Ick!!!  Pictured:  Trader Joe’s Frozen Mussels.

Knife Skills– When using  good quality knife, pay attention to what you are doing.  Better yet, tuck your fingers in when cutting.  There is a reason they teach you that in a knife skills class.  Haven’t taken one?  It’s time.  Perhaps it’s time for me to take it again.  Thank goodness for liquid Band-Aid.  Cheers to having an Ugly Betty hand.  Lesson learned.

Could have been worse.  Someone commented about having an incident with a mandolin!  Yikes.

When your husband deems your shopping at Trader Joe’s excessive- So part of this blog focuses in on cooking like Betty Crocker. To me, this means that you try to keep things easy and straightforward like opening up a container.  I had sprained both ankles which made cooking near impossible which is how I ended up with all the Trader Joe’s reviews.  Even then, some of the items I reviewed have morphed into various recipes that don’t involve a ton of ingredients. So with shopping at Trader Joe’s more, I naturally saved the bags to repurpose.  So my husband chose to repurpose a few of them for me.  This was my Christmas present this year:11904.jpeg

Double Ugly Betty– so this is two uglies in one.  The first “Ugly Betty” is helping with Thanksgiving dinner and being more interested in socializing which caused some extra flames in the oven (Turkey was done), second “Ugly Betty” is taking pictures to commemorate the incident rather than do something about those pesky flames.20170103_145330.jpg

Keep checking back!  I’ll keep adding more as I go along!!